November for Alkalising

NOVEMBER is truly the month to alkalise and there are ways you can do it without it feeling like torture.

It’s a month where the temperature drops and your body has to use more energy to stay warm. Heating systems are turned on in homes and fires lit, having an effect on the inside and outside environment.

November is of course followed by the holiday season which is a food and drink fest for most people for the full month of December and the acid that has been built up in November along with the December acid can overwhelm the human body and give the perfect breeding ground for germs which can cause the Flu Season in January.

There are ways you can help prepare the body during November for the holiday season and the best way that I know is to alkalise the body.

Even though lemon and hibiscus are acidic in their raw state, they both have an alkaline ash in the stomach after digestion while cardamom is one of nature’s great alkalising spices.

Green tea, by nature, is a natural diuretic as is hibiscus and this can help in the fight against acid by eliminating it quickly so it doesn’t have time to accumulate in the kidneys and form gravel or calculli (stones).

As acid builds up, you’re body’s energy is used more and more to protect the vital organs in your body.

In nature, turmeric, fennel, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin and paprika are all alkaline and all can be added to roast veg or potato wedges etc.

There are lots of tasty ways you can add the above herbs to your diet and make it a win-win situation.

If you are not in balance some bit by the end of November and like to indulge in all the Christmas festivites pre, during and post – then there’s a huge chance you will have a visit for an annual friend during the flu season.

That imbalance is not from just eating and drinking too much during December, it’s all of the stresses we create inside ourselves which add to the burden.

Science is showing some pretty extraordinary things that can help us to pinpoint precisely why we break down. Think of what your body is. It’s really a unique system that works on like an electro magnetic pulse.

All the nerves in your body send signals through electrical charges. The synapse at the end of a nerve cell sends messages about pain or pleasure from one cellto the other through electrical impulse.
Every cell in your body in fact has to have electrical power or an electrical charge – for the want of a better phrase –and all the organs in our bodies need healthy cells to keep them operating optimally.

To do that, they have to have electrical power. That happens through a delicate balance in our biochemistry. Anything that is going to interfere with that balance will interfere with how your cells were designed to work.

It’s going to interfere with how your organs work and as a consequence affect your health. My challenge during November is to design a food and drink system that will lose the couple of pounds that will inevitably go on over Christmas.

At least then you can head into the New Year with resolutions that are a few pounds less than they might havebeen if you hadn’t alkalised.