Hi my name is Sean McCarthy, I am a holistic herbalist and a member of the IRCH (International Register of consultant herbalists and Homeopaths). I have a deep understanding of how the gifts we have been given by nature should be used properly.

One of those gifts has been green tea. I have conducted a huge amount of research into the health benefits and the health claims of this wonderful plant over the last few years and sometimes am in awe of what this wonderful plant can do.

In my practice as a herbalist I had been recommending its use in place of normal black tea.

Naturespharm Green tea is packed with polyphenols, antioxidants and lots of flavour.

My tea is powdered green tea and has been flavoured with lemon, cardamom and hibiscus – all these based on my herbal background – and how they help augment the benefits of the green tea.

I hold my Hippocratic oath I took when I qualified as a herbalist very dear and with that in mind will only use ethically produced tea.


I have found that you Vitamin B Complex has been very useful for my stress levels

MargaretAge 48

As a former kickboxer I suffer froma lot of aches and pains in my joints and have found the Glucosamine Plus capsules really help.

AnthonyAge 50

I’ve always tried to drink green tea for weight loss and found yours the easiest to drink and it’s so handy to use either hot or cold

CarolineAge 29


Why you show alkalise

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November for Alkalising

NOVEMBER is truly the month to alkalise and there are ways you can do it without it feeling like torture. It’s a month where the temperature drops and your body has to use more energy to stay warm. Heating systems are turned on in homes and fires lit, having an effect on the inside and […]